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com::jgoodies::looks::plastic::PlasticLookAndFeel Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for com::jgoodies::looks::plastic::PlasticLookAndFeel:

com::jgoodies::looks::plastic::Plastic3DLookAndFeel com::jgoodies::looks::plastic::PlasticXPLookAndFeel

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Detailed Description

The base class for the JGoodies Plastic look&feel family. Initializes class and component defaults for the Plastic L&f and provides keys and optional features for the Plastic family.

Karsten Lentzsch

Definition at line 68 of file PlasticLookAndFeel.java.

Public Member Functions

String getDescription ()
Icon getDisabledIcon (JComponent component, Icon icon)
String getID ()
String getName ()
void initialize ()
 PlasticLookAndFeel ()
void uninitialize ()

Static Public Member Functions

static PlasticTheme createMyDefaultTheme ()
static ColorUIResource getControl ()
static ColorUIResource getControlDarkShadow ()
static ColorUIResource getControlHighlight ()
static ColorUIResource getFocusColor ()
static FontPolicy getFontPolicy ()
static boolean getHighContrastFocusColorsEnabled ()
static List getInstalledThemes ()
static BorderUIResource getInternalFrameBorder ()
static ColorUIResource getMenuItemBackground ()
static ColorUIResource getMenuItemSelectedBackground ()
static ColorUIResource getMenuItemSelectedForeground ()
static MicroLayoutPolicy getMicroLayoutPolicy ()
static BorderUIResource getPaletteBorder ()
static PlasticTheme getPlasticTheme ()
static ColorUIResource getPrimaryControl ()
static ColorUIResource getPrimaryControlDarkShadow ()
static ColorUIResource getPrimaryControlHighlight ()
static ColorUIResource getPrimaryControlInfo ()
static ColorUIResource getPrimaryControlShadow ()
static ColorUIResource getSimpleInternalFrameBackground ()
static ColorUIResource getSimpleInternalFrameForeground ()
static String getTabStyle ()
static ColorUIResource getTitleTextColor ()
static FontUIResource getTitleTextFont ()
static ColorUIResource getWindowTitleBackground ()
static ColorUIResource getWindowTitleForeground ()
static ColorUIResource getWindowTitleInactiveBackground ()
static ColorUIResource getWindowTitleInactiveForeground ()
static void installTheme (PlasticTheme theme)
static boolean isSelectTextOnKeyboardFocusGained ()
static void set3DEnabled (boolean b)
static void setFontPolicy (FontPolicy fontPolicy)
static void setHighContrastFocusColorsEnabled (boolean b)
static void setMicroLayoutPolicy (MicroLayout microLayoutPolicy)
static void setPlasticTheme (PlasticTheme theme)
static void setSelectTextOnKeyboardFocusGained (boolean b)
static void setTabStyle (String tabStyle)

Static Public Attributes

static final String BORDER_STYLE_KEY = "Plastic.borderStyle"
static final String DEFAULT_THEME_KEY
static final String IS_3D_KEY = "Plastic.is3D"
static final String TAB_STYLE_DEFAULT_VALUE
static final String TAB_STYLE_METAL_VALUE

Protected Member Functions

void initClassDefaults (UIDefaults table)
void initComponentDefaults (UIDefaults table)
void initSystemColorDefaults (UIDefaults table)
boolean is3DEnabled ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static PlasticTheme createTheme (String themeName)
static void installDefaultThemes ()

Static Protected Attributes

static final String TAB_STYLE_KEY

Static Package Functions

 [static initializer]

Static Private Member Functions

static Object[] append (Object[] source, String key, Object value)
static MetalTheme getCurrentTheme0 ()
static String getDefaultXPTheme ()
static Method getMethodGetCurrentTheme ()

Static Private Attributes

static Method getCurrentThemeMethod = null
static List installedThemes
static boolean is3DEnabled = false
static boolean selectTextOnKeyboardFocusGained
static final String THEME_CLASSNAME_PREFIX = "com.jgoodies.looks.plastic.theme."
static final Object THEME_KEY = new StringBuffer("Plastic.theme")
static boolean useHighContrastFocusColors
static boolean useMetalTabs

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